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In this SACP27 program, the SACP has been expanded to 18 TeleCoaching Seminars and 8 Coaching-Only sessions to include several entirely new and absolutely key elements of the Cybernetic Transposition Process – especially the entire Cybernetic Transposition Multimedia Learning System, the Building Your Success Team, Optimum Learning, Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit, Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor, Positive Temporal Recycling, HouseCleaning, Clearing Implants and Healing Cell-Level Memories Processes, The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process and The CT Mastery Process. Also, a series of new Special eBook Bonus has been added, bringing the total of SACP27 Special Bonus eBooks to 21. And the length of each TeleCoaching session has been extended from 90 minutes to as long as 150 minutes in order to ensure that every SACP27 participant has enough time to ask and receive complete responses to all of their questions. And, to ensure that any participant who has trouble getting started or feels they are falling behind gets the coaching they need to successfully complete the SACP27, a series of eight 150 minute Coaching-Only sessions have been added.

The Cybernetic Transposition Multimedia Learning Program (MLP) is absolutely the most effective way to learn the basic Cybernetic Transposition techniques, those covered in my book. Feedback from the trial group, the participants in the SACP15, has been universally enthusiastic, especially from those who had participated in an earlier SACP.

The fully integrated inclusion of the MLP in the SACP27 has allowed a restructuring of the SACP to greatly enhance its effectiveness in teaching the advanced Cybernetic Transposition Techniques and has allowed the incorporation of processes that were previously only available in my extremely advanced Cybernetic Transposition Trainer/Coach Training (the CTT/CT).

The new advanced processes listed above are only some of many aspects of the SACP27 that are simply NOT INCLUDED IN THE BOOK, both the original edition and the greatly expanded Second Edition – that is included with the SACP27. These include a great many in-depth "how to" aspects of all of the processes described in the book as well as numerous important applications of them to create Advanced Cybernetic Transposition Processes and a series of entirely new Super Cybernetic Transposition Process built around both Basic and Advanced CT tools. The key CT Processes are explained in sound clips from various SACP Question and Answer sessions that took place during the live TeleCoaching sessions.

Click on the Headphones above to Listen to John Fogg interview Stuart Lichtman about the Cybernetic Transposition Process and Coaching people to SUPER ACHIEVEMENT. Recorded LIVE! in Real Audio. Click to get the Real Player.

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Introductory Seminar that also describes the structure and process of the SACP27

NOTE: The link above is for the SACP26 Introductory Seminar that Stuart gave in September 2015. Once Stuart presents the live SACP27 Introductory Seminar, the recording and slides for that will be available.

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Stuart Lichtman's
SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program 27


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Participants Receive:

  1. 18 Weekly LIVE TeleCoaching Seminars.
  2. 8 LIVE Coaching-Only 150 Minute Sessions.
  3. The Entire CYBERNETIC TRANSPOSITION MULTIMEDIA LEARNING PROGRAM (CT MLP) incorporating 17 hours of description, demonstration and guided learning of all of the CT Processes included in Stuart Lichtman’s book.
  4. Four Special CT MLP Bonuses including the first-ever series of flow charts of the entire Cybernetic Transposition system.
  5. Access to the Rapid Response SUPER ACHIEVER on-line Forums.
  6. Inclusion in the SUPER ACHIEVER E-Mail List.
  7. Daily SUPER ACHIEVER Call Partnerships.
  8. About 1350 In-Depth Cybernetic Transposition Questions and Answers.
  9. About 425 recorded Audio Q&A Clips.
  10. New Cybernetic Transposition Processes including the Rood Normal Base Reframing, The Creating and Improving Relationships Process and The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process.
  11. New ADVANCED Cybernetic Transposition Processes including The Healing Root Cell-Level Memories Process, The Optimum Learning Process, The HouseCleaning Process, The CT Mastery Process, The Simplifying and Personalizing CT Process and The Great Day Process.
  12. Seven very new e-books presenting major additions to the CT Process (five of eighteen New, unpublished e-books for SACP27 Participants ONLY.)
  13. New Stepwise Summary Instructions for each frequently used CT Process.
  14. Personal Coaching from Stuart Lichtman
  15.   and more.....


"I've already surpassed the income target I set for myself for this month and it looks like I'm actually going to FLY right past it -- probably about 50-70 percent more than I'd targeted. Wow! Woo!"

  — Rebecca Fine


"Although my Success Team and True-Self tell me, without a doubt, that I succeeded at a level of 10 in my SA Objective, I seem to still be experiencing difficulty accepting this. The original objective I submitted was: 'On or before December 20, 2006, with the full and highly effective participation of my Success Team, I will have done everything necessary and appropriate to generate $357,000. I will do this in ways that are for the highest good of me and of everyone concerned.' You requested a revision of this objective to designate where it would be deposited. Although I had performed all of the five tests on the first objective, I failed to repeat this process when I added 'which will be deposited into my personal checking account.' As it turns out, this put my objective above a level 10 in difficulty. It never even occurred to me that the designation of funds into a particular account would make a difference. What a lesson!

As the SACP8 progressed, all of my Key Elements continued to remain at a 10 from November 19th forward, yet I was seeing absolutely no money rise in my personal checking account. In fact, things had never been so abysmal in over 10 years! My Success Team instructed me to extend the End Point Date to December 31, 2006, and I was relieved! Finally, one of the six unconscious messages I had ignored finally broke through... I needed to look at "personal accounts" not just my personal checking account. There were 10 additional sources I had not even considered! When all was said and done, I had exceeded the $357,000 by over $169,000 prior to the new End Point Date!

This was an amazing process! I am truly grateful."

  — Donna Robinson


"Yes, I achieved my SACP10 Objective. It was to raise $50,000. Yesterday my business bank account had over $50,000.00 in it for the first time ever (I've managed my own businesses for over 10 years and have never seen that balance ever.) It's kind of amazing that it appeared one day before my target date. I knew I had this huge sale confirmed and the timing of it could have been earlier or later by a week or two but there it was (the deposit) one day before my target date."

  — Larry Golden


"The SACP is SO powerful it's worth 100's of times whatever money Stuart charges for it, because it's really like having a coach for a period of time and this coach has empowered you to be your own coach for the rest of your life. Just think what kind of money saving that is...."

  — Claire Schulz


"I was successful in reaching my SACP10 objective which had to do with increasing the level of joy in my life. I am now experiencing a much higher level of joy and peace in my life than ever before. Thanks Stuart!"

  — Richard Weilein


"The SACP coaching program solved a problem I have had for almost 30 years -- spending too much time working. I was already making a very good income, but sometimes I would put in as much as 20 hours a day, even as recently as this year. I know this sounds incredible, but it's true: I now work about six hours a day, and I get as much done (or more)! I find it hard to believe myself. Yet – finally -- I have enough time to enjoy the rest of my life! I would call this a miracle except I can directly track it to what I learned and applied with the coaching. This program has my highest recommendation."

  — David Garfinkel


"When I joined SACP10, I was rather concerned about whether I would make all the payments on time. Not only did I successfully pay for and get through SACP, I was also able to afford the CTT/CT4, which I'm currently taking. How cool is that? My income, which varies depending on the performance of the two companies that I run, went up dramatically and consistently. In the last few months of 2007, while taking SACP10, I was pleasantly surprised to take in the largest monthly incomes I have ever earned, 3 to 4 times my monthly earnings in January/February of the same year. Stu, you are a genius indeed and I thank you. What I have found is that CT is the only system that has satisfied my yearning both spiritually, consciously and by delivering results while providing internal guaranteed-for-life tools. Systematic. Organised, structured, guesswork-less and loophole-less. And how cool is that?"

  — Maina Waweru, Kenya


"When I first started the course I had a number of objectives - all of which were important to me. However, I chose the one which was most urgent. That was to receive $24,000. from a lawsuit that I was involved in, by a certain date. Well, I received $35,000."

  — Rosemarie Candelor


"SACP REALLY WORKS. I purchased and downloaded your ebook 2 years ago but only got thru half of it because at the time it was 'too hard'! Then, in August, 2007, I received an email about the SACP11 and after quickly reading it pressed the delete button. But I got a clear message to retrieve it so I took notice and am I glad I did. I quickly increased my income by 50%, have more confidence, belief, trust and faith in myself, my days are lighter, brighter and happier and having got rid of alot of internal garbage I now have so much more free attention. Thank you Stuart."

  — Julie Shepherd


"I don't care if you have to sell your car, just get into this program and see the phenomenal results for yourself."

  — Nancy Dewitz


"I achieved my SACP10 Objective on December 1. Since that time things have happened that have been nothing short of miraculous. The process truly was extremely easy, joyful, openhearted and loving. Thank you."

  — Carol Lynne Eyster


"As I mentioned during the bonus session, I did not lose it this year around the time of my murdered daughter's birthday. Just that was worth the entire process. Since 1987, this is the first year that has happened. I was also the recipient of $25,000 worth of stock as a gift. You may recall that $25,000 was my monetary objective. That stock will probably increase in value five to six fold in the coming months. Things like this happen for me a lot now. Somewhere along the way over the last four months, I realized that whatever happens, to me or someone I love, I will be able, some way, to deal with it. And, whatever "it" is, it will probably have nothing to do with me, not be my fault, nor my responsibility, except to the extent that it is. That may sound nuts to you, but it is a huge relief to me. I am better in ways that I can't even begin to explain to you, or to myself, for that matter."

  — Jan Brown


"I consider this course Genius and worth every penny. It is well thought out and quite workable. My target was to be healthy by Thanksgiving which I achieved, even though I haven't yet gotten what I wanted but didn't ask for. I assumed that being healthy meant I would be Cancer Free by Thanksgiving. Not so. My Success Team is quite firm that I was successful since I didn't say I wanted to be cancer free. It was quite carefully keeping me and the cancer healthy, saying it was part of me, sigh. My doctor actually told me I was the healthiest person she had examined in about 20 years, the only problem was that I had a disease, cancer, that could kill me. Literally all the tests, except for the cancer came back normal. What I wanted and didn't specify was that I wanted to be Cancer Free by Thanksgiving (and, as Stuart says, what you assume will come but don't ask for, you won't get). I have recently corrected that and my new Whole & Healthy Super Team has informed me that 60% of the remaining cancer is gone and each day the percentage of cancer gone increases. In addition, I gained the tools to achieve my life goal, which wasn't my target, it wasn't even a glimmer when I started, but is now an accomplished fact. Now that's Real Success! Thank you!!"

  — Carol Reiners


"A banque checked cleared two days ago for $25,000, as per my objective. This brings the total deposited into my bank accounts to $34,000 which is what I specified in my SACP6 Objective. I cannot believe it. One of my key elements was doing it as easy as walking and when I reflect back I achieved it as easy as walking. It was amazing. At times I thought I would never understand but I just expected what you said and figured it would work based on your experience. And it did!

"Once again thank you."

  — Rik Taylor


"I set an objective to create order in my life (because my unconscious said that would bring the greatest improvement in my overall life), although at first I had wanted to set an objective of creating $24,000. Ahead of time, I achieved the objective I set. There has been a huge shift in not only the orderliness of our home and my business. It has allowed me to spend virtually no time looking for things, I can relax and allow my systems of orderliness to do their thing, my relationships with my husband and children have improved substantially, the clutter has disappeared leaving clear space, our home now functions easily. In the process, I also created $64,000 in cash and valuables anyway. (I guess my unconscious knows what it's talking about.)

Thank you so much for this course, your knowledge, life experience and willingness to give to others. You are an inspiration!"

  — Joan Watson


"My income for the month was about 40 percent more than my previous December.... But the fact that I reached the goal is not the thing. What was different was that it was COMPLETELY EFFORTLESS."

  — Robert Michon


"After reading your book, I set three basic objectives: (a) to be able to eat (and enjoy my meals) without gaining weight, (b) to get a 10% raise, and (c) to get a new laptop. I was not able to achieve them then (June, 2007), but they all happened after I started following the SACP10 TeleCoaching sessions (even though I did not do any extra work on them). The 10% raise came in a very unique way. I received a 5% increase in my salary, which corresponded to two times the annual salary increase received by most people in the company where I work and, less than a month later, I was promoted to another position and received another 5% raise in my salary. In October, 2007, the other two objectives were accomplished. I went to Paris for 10 days, ate in restaurants every night (including desert and wine) and lost 5 pounds during the trip. The laptop came in November, 2007. In October, 2007, I received $2,000 unexpectedly. That money paid for the SACP10! In December, 2007, I received another $1,320 from my employer that paid for the airfare to visit my family during the Christmas-New Year holidays. In January, 2008, I received $1,000 in prizes from a sales company."

  — Shane English


"Sometime in January, I tried it to get $20,000 and it came the first week in May… The really neat thing about it is that the money came from a source I'd never heard of before that and that would never have occurred to me in a million years… and to cap it off there will be another $80,000 to follow between now and the end of the year"

  — Dave Rogers


"I'm in sales, so I must produce on a consistent basis. I decided that it wasn't making me happy and I didn't want to do it anymore... Here's the upshot. I don't 'work' anymore. I still have my job, but only the clients I want come to me (out of the complete blue, by the way). I spend my time doing EXACTLY what I want, and at the end of the month, have the necessary money to pay the bills."

  — David Seig


"I achieved attaining more than the amount of money I set as my objective. I also brought into my life a means of creating another way of making money without having to work. I am extremely confident I can create more money every month which was also part of my objective. I did it all easily effortlessly and joyfully. In other words, I was extremely successful. I also gained a set of skills that has and will continue to transform my life for the better. I can create whatever I desire and I can deal with issues as they arise from within and outside of myself. I no longer fear and feel powerless over limiting beliefs and habits."

  — Mark Washington


"I set an objective of raising 60,000 pounds sterling in cash by Sept 18th 2003. I managed to achieve a loan for this at an exceptionally favourable rate (whilst lowering my overall outstanding debt & monthly payments) - in a manner that was so easy I couldn't believed it would have been possible. As a freelance consultant, getting loans of any type larger than 7,000 pounds sterling in the past has been exceptionally difficult. I have gained greater clarity in the process and, more importantly, I have forged a much stronger bond and communication with my unconscious. I have found that my previously innate intuition has really come to the fore and blossomed and I look forward to many more wonderful discoveries as I go forward improving my results with the process even further."

  — Lou Wilson


"I achieved and found the whole process very, very exciting. I am now doing work I love and have rarely felt so fulfilled in my work. I felt great excitement as I approached the date of my Objective and when I asked my unconscious whether everything was all right, the resounding answer was 'yes' and when I asked my unconscious the answer was always, 'don't worry -- everything is on course'."

  — Julie Stanford


"Two years ago in November 2003 I downloaded the e-book, "How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast". I was fascinated with the material and attempted to set objectives and do some Base Reframing's. I had limited success. I continued to get e-mails from Stuart Lichtman regarding a course he was giving. The promotion material said it would take you beyond what you could get out of the book. After turning away from this offer numerous times I finally decided to invest the money and time and see what would happen. I started the SACP6 in August of 2005.

My first attempt with setting an objective using the SACP technology was extremely successful. Here is the story. For the past 10 years I have operated a business selling corn seed to farmers. My customer base is predefined which means the parent company I work for only allows me to sell to specific customers in a specified geographic area. For me to increase sales I need to capture market share from competitor companies and/or my customers need to increase the number of acres they plant to corn on their farms.

My objective was measured in "number of bags" sold. Last year my sales were 4276 bags. Because of market conditions, market experts are predicting 10% to 30% less corn will be grown in North America this coming year. Initially there was a number that kept coming to me of 4600 bags that I should sell. I could not get this number out of my head, but with the "facts" that the market was providing this number seemed preposterous and totally ridiculous - especially when compared to last year's sales of 4276 bags. So 4100 bags became the target.

By my End-Point Date, I had sold 4760 bags of corn seed. I exceeded my target by 16%. If I had followed Stuart's instructions and listened to the message that 4600 bags should have been my target the results still would have been exceeded by 3.4% The results I have experienced using the SACP process can be compared directly to my results over the past 9 years of selling. My sales have always been good but did not stand out as exceptional when compared to my colleagues. This year there is a significant contrast - thanks to the SACP process.

Over the years I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in both formal and non-formal education. The value of the SACP is difficult to measure in dollars because the payback has been so rapid financially, but more importantly it has had a profound effect on my attitude in virtually every area of my life.

With sincere gratitude, thank-you Stuart for having developed a wonderful technology."

  — Richard Cressman


"I have finished a novel I have been working on for 8 years...Yahoo! I am preparing the bones of a new manuscript. I have received and implemented almost everything that I specifically asked for on my SACP2 objective and many of the things I asked for but did not actually specify. I have learned to trust my unconscious processes. I feel calm, buoyant and centered most of the time. I am a happy woman."

  — Ann Abramson


"My objective was to write and complete the second drafts of two books that I have wanted to write for a long time. I achieved this to a 10 level of success. If you had told me 3 months ago that I was going to write 2 original books in that time, on two completely different topics, I would have thought you were crazy. Level of difficulty? Are you kidding? If I couldn't write a single book (or even a decent article) in 10 years of "wanting to," how was I going to get TWO books done in 3 months at the same time as doing everything else in my life including the SACP10?

At the start of the SACP10 I hated the process of writing, it was like getting blood from a stone. I used to resent the time I "had" to sit at the computer. So I put in another "impossible" item in my objective - that I was going to enjoy the process at a 10 level (extremely enjoyable) and I was going to do it all passionately and enthusiastically. To say that I didn't believe this objective was possible for me is the understatement of the decade. Cut to the end date, and I have not only written those second drafts, but I did so - for both books - writing 12 hours or less per week, as specified in my objective. I am wildly, ecstatically happy. What amazing things I have learned during the SACP10. I feel so good about myself now and that feeling is improving every day. I feel so much more relaxed with myself, and what an amazing breakthrough THAT is."

  — Alison Winkworth (Australia)


"Wow!! What a great and challenging course that has provided me with so much opportunity to grow. I've benefited most from the surprise bonus contained within the course that has allowed me to discover and resolve the weaknesses in my life that have been holding back my success, that I was unaware of before. I will continue to use this ability for the rest of my life! The most exciting thing the SACP technology offers is the ability to direct the intentions I desire on purpose vs. happenstance!"

  — Wendy Beesley


"Since building my Special Purpose teams, I now feel a lot more abundant, calm and present to each moment which is something I have strived for in all my personal development. I now feel like I have the knowledge that will help me find anything else that I will ever want to find in my life. I love this new freeing feeling! I have gained so much from participating in the SACP2 and I know that it will forever impact my life."

  — Melanie Kinch


"My whole life I have wished and yearned for some REAL healing around those recalcitrant, entrenched early-life experiences. I kept HOPING it was possible BUT I never had ANY IDEA what I could REALLY DO about it. Now I know. ESPECIALLY, the Healing Cell-Level Memories and Implant CLEARING process DO work, are working, and will continue to work! WHAT could be better than that?"

  — Mona Young


"I hardly know where to start. It's still quite overwhelming, and I cry at the drop of a hat just thinking about it. It's been the biggest breakthrough in my years and years of therapy and spiritual work. Period! Stuart-I found out who I was and let go of who I'm not through SACP2."

  — MaryJo Wagner


"I wanted to work on the objective of becoming a permanent lecturer at the university where I worked as a temporary lecturer. That objective did not pass the criteria (difficulty more than 10, did not deal solely with my own actions, required a Ph.D. that I did not have). So, I had to change the objective.

However, I wanted to get the position so badly that I framed the objective anyway and left it "running minimized". And it was achieved, last month!!! Well, that was definitely a more than 10 objective and it was achieved!!!"

  — Marco Aurélio de Carvalho


"I reached my objective on the last day and was very happy about it. With the help of all the tools that I learned in SACP2, I succeeded and didn't abandon my objective after having gone 80% of the way as I have done many times in the past."

  — Leonardo Habegger


"I achieved my Objective well before the end date. I would like to say a very big thank you for this course. It was priceless and I will be using the techniques learned for the foreseeable future."

  — Mac Attram


"Most all personal development courses promise big things and their words make you feel a little better in a superficial way but do not seem to change anyone in a basic fundamental way. At the beginning of 2003, I set a goal that within this year I would find a class or course that would teach me how to break through some things in my life and teach me how to achieve the success that I want. The SACP2 class gave me the tools I was looking for. I am now able to communicate with my unconscious. I cleared out major blockers. I have learned a process which I can use all my life."

  — Judy Goertz


"From no job to a far better one-- and two offers of alternatives, this is the best investment I can remember. Thank you!"

  — Lindsay Hugh Doyle


"My top goals really don't have much to do with money, but I am nonetheless extremely grateful that your ideas have helped me to create the kind of harmony in my daily life I've only dreamed of"

  — Beverly D. Chiu


"My greatest success during the SACP3 program was finally identifying the 'keystone' blocker by using the Debugging process. Please don't underestimate the power of this one step. The process of resolving the 'keystone' blocker and turning it into a powerful force of positive habit with a Special Purpose Subpersonality Team has unlocked the achievement of other goals."

  — Dr. Robert Youngblood


"The time since SACP3 started in February has been full of LIFE. I have got rid of more "stuff" during these weeks than in all other self-development things I have tried together. And I have tried quite a lot during the last 20 years...

To my great surprise, I even achieved my first objective. It was a financial one, and I stretched rather far when I defined it. I thought I would never manage it (lots of blockers coming up) and was afraid of even checking and evaluating it (another delicate blocker).

But as you know very well, I got exactly what I asked for...
In addition,

  • I focus much better in all I do...
  • I have done generated terrific results in my consulting work, being able to stay aligned and being present in the moment.
  • My personal efficiency has improved a lot. I used to be a very careful and thinking things over before acting. Now I have become more action oriented and can do things immediately when needed.
  • My internal stress level has been reduced significantly
  • My financial worries flew out of the window during the programme
  • I have some terrific special purpose subconscious teams with me and more of them are waiting there somewhere to be called upon."

  — Torfinn Slåen

Stuart Lichtman

Stuart Lichtman is an executive, entrepreneur, researcher, consultant, trainer and coach. He is the developer of the Cybernetic Transposition and Shared-Vision Leadership Systems the Super Achiever Coaching Program, the Cybernetic Transposition Multimedia Learning Program, the Cybernetic Transposition Trainer/Coach Training and the Super Entrepreneur Training (forthcoming), author of "The Art of Success, Luck, and Harmony", "The Impossible as a Matter of Course", and "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything—Fast" and co-author of "Eye to Eye: Joyfully and Successfully Parenting 3 to 5 Year Old Children".

He's also creator of the Arintel artificial intelligence data analysis program, President of Partners in Excellence, Inc. and President of Successful Ventures Publishing, Inc.

Stuart's formal education includes undergraduate and graduate work at MIT in engineering, psychology, and artificial intelligence, masters work in applied psychology, and doctoral work in organization development and cross cultural business. He has also conducted extensive research on the unconscious/intuitive bases of success and the individual and collective operation of the human mind.

Stuart has directed or run 100 companies and trained more than 50,000 people around the world.

He is available for private consultations, key note speaking and to conduct in-house seminars and workshops. He can be reached via e-mail:



(100% is the first try success rate among the particpants in the last seven SACP's who did at least most of the assigned work.)

"I promise I can show you how to get the things you've always wanted – no matter how many times you've tried and failed – even and especially if you don't believe that's really possible for you right now.

My "Objective" for each and every Participant in the SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program is simple and powerful:

You SET a Perfect 10 Objective and…


And I have consistently successfully achieved that Objective. (Over 95% of SACP participants who did at least most of the assigned work were successful in achieving their Perfect 10 Objective first try and 100% of those who did at least most of the assigned work were successful second try. What's more, 100% in the last six SACP's achieved their Perfect 10 Objective on their very first try.)

And you can achieve your seemingly impossible objectives again and again, easily and for the greatest good of yourself and all concerned for The Rest of Your Life!"

— Stuart Lichtman

View the slides and listen to a Comprehensive
Introduction to and a Detailed Description of the
Super Achiever Coaching Program (SACP27)
by Stuart Lichtman and his Lead CT Trainer/Coach,
Monique Gallagher.
SACP Introductory Seminar

Stuart Lichtman's
SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program 27 (SACP27):

Your Program Begins

My Dream Achiever Program (DAP) is the most effective way of learning the goal achievement aspects of Cybernetic Transposition so I have made it an integral part of the SACP27.

As soon as you are enrolled in the SACP27, you will immediately receive access to the DAP so that you can get a head start – if you haven’t already purchased the DAP. You will also receive an additional pre-course assignment to prepare you to "hit the ground running."

Important Note: During the SACP27, you will receive the entire Cybernetic Transposition Multimedia Learning Program (MLP) including all of the associated MLP Forms.

Important Note: As part of the SACP27, you will receive a copy of Stuart's e-book: How To Get Lots of Money for Anything FAST! – Second Edition and all the Second Edition Cybernetic Transposition Forms and access to the Audio Seminars that come with it.

AND, the best way to "hit the ground running" in the SACP27 is to participate in the Dream Achiever Program and the second best way is to read the Second Edition of my book.

The first weekly TeleCoaching Seminar begins on
Thursday, March 17, 2016
at 7:30 PM Eastern Time (6:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Pacific) and lasts for two and one-half hours until 10:00 PM Eastern.

Stuart Lichtman's SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program -- Click to Buy

Your Program Includes

TeleCoaching Seminars: 18 weekly (45 hours total), Interactive LIVE! Coaching Calls with Stuart. (The Calls will be recorded with private access for Participants' later-listening and reference.)

The Full schedule of the TeleCoaching Seminars Will be Available Soon

  • Week 1. Thursday, March 17, 2016
  • Week 2. Thursday, March 24
  • Week 3. Thursday, March 31
  • Week 4. Thursday, April 7
  • Week 5. Thursday, April 14
  • Week 6. Thursday, April 21
  • Week 7. Thursday, April 28
  • Week 8. Thursday, May 5
  • Week 9. Thursday, May 12
  • Week 10. Thursday, May 19
  • Week 11. Thursday, May 26
  • Week 12. Thursday, June 2
  • Week 13. Thursday, June 9
  • Week 14. Thursday, June 16
  • Week 15. Thursday, June 23
  • Week 16. Thursday, June 30
  • Week 17. Thursday, July 7
  • Week 18. Thursday, July 14
  1. 18 Weekly LIVE TeleCoaching Seminars.
  2. 8 LIVE Coaching-Only 150 Minute Sessions.
  3. Access to the Rapid Response SUPER ACHIEVER on-line Forums.
  4. Inclusion in the SUPER ACHIEVER E-Mail List.
  5. Daily SUPER ACHIEVER Call Partnerships.
  6. About 1350 In-Depth Cybernetic Transposition Questions and Answers.
  7. About 425 recorded Audio Q&A Clips.
  8. The Optimum Learning Process, The HouseCleaning Process, The Creating and Improving Relationships Process, The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process, The Root Normal Base Reframing Process, The Healing Cell-Level Memories Process, The Healing Root Cell-Level Memories Process, The Mastery Process, The Great Day Process, seven very new e-books presenting major additions to the CT Process (four of fourteen New, unpublished e-books for SACP21 Participants ONLY.)
  9. New Stepwise Summary Instructions for each frequently used CT Process.
  10. Personal Coaching from Stuart Lichtman

    and more....

SUPER ACHIEVER Rapid-Response Forums: A private on-line discussion board, which will feature interactive threads for each week's session plus general Q&A and specific discussion of Coaching Program topics, CT/SA process, SA MasterMind Partnerships, Accountability Agreements and individual Coaching and Support on a daily basis from Stuart and the SUPER ACHIEVER Team.

SUPER ACHIEVER Call Partnerships: A Monday through Friday "Asking and Answering" of prepared questions over the telephone where Participants deepen the distinctions of the CT/SA Process and the Coaching Program. (You will be matched with a Call Partner by the SA Team.)

SUPER ACHIEVER E-Mail List: A digital "hot line" for Alerts, Program announcements, Coaching tips and group messages from Stuart.

SUPER ACHIEVER Bonus E-Books: 14 new and unpublished special bonuses just for SACP27 Participants:

  • Building Your Success Team: An entirely new aspect of the SA program that is not included in the book. This describes how to create an inner team that very powerfully drives the successful achievement of your objectives - and other day-to-day successes.
  • The Optimum Learning Process: An entirely new SA Process that builds a life-long accelerated learning process into your unconscious. This bonus shows how to develop a powerful inner resource that makes your learning of new things much easier and faster.
  • Easily Creating Highly Effective Imaginary Experiences: Many people encounter problems in creating effective imaginary experiences. This bonus shows why and teaches you how to rapidly transcend and resolve the special types of blockers that create this restriction. The results are quite eye opening for many.
  • Formatting SA Objectives and Choosing Key Elements: This includes the tips Stuart's generated in coaching participants in both the seminars and the SACP27 to properly format their SA Objectives and to choose their Key Elements and Associated Memories.
  • Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit: One type of major blocker that almost everyone encounters is what I call the Unconscious Performance Limit. It's like a glass ceiling on your accomplishments. This bonus presents a process for easily, rapidly and substantially raising your Unconscious Performance Limit.
  • Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor: Your Unconscious Performance Floor limits how low you go emotionally and how poorly your unconscious allows you to do. By raising your Unconscious Performance Floor, you not only sharply improve your minimum performance but, more importantly, you sharply increase the quality of your entire life. This eBook shows you how.
  • Creating and Effectively Using Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams: Quite a few of the SACP participants said this was the most empowering process they have ever experienced. In this bonus, I describe how to expand the various SA blocker resolution processes into powerful subpersonality teams that remarkably effectively implement and expand the perfect alternatives you create.
  • Free-Form Writing: This process empowers you to gain the cooperation of resistant and angry subpersonalities, as required to both understand their valuable communications and to do the Subpersonality Negotiation and derivative Processes.
  • Clearing Implants: Many people experience blockers that have been implanted in them by others - parents, relationship partners, friends, adversaries, etc. These are not typically accessible via the other CT blocker resolution processes and usually have a very great impact. This bonus presents a series of techniques for rapidly resolving many types of implants and suggestions for dealing with the other types.
  • The HouseCleaning Process: Once your unconscious has learned the process of clearing your blockers, you can set it to identify and nearly automatically clear most of the existing ones. Through the HouseCleaning Process, you develop a "background" resource for continually seeking out blockers, clearing them and clearly signaling when your conscious input is required. This eBook explains how.
  • Doing Even Better: Describes a detailed process for determining how to do even better in achieving your SA objectives.
  • Multiple and Rolling Objectives: Describes how to set and achieve multiple objectives simultaneously and how to set and achieve repetitive objectives. Extremely powerful!
  • Positive Temporal Recycling: This process creates an ongoing positive reinforcement loop whereby earlier, painful versions of yourself are rehabilitated through integration of the CT resources that you have developed in the SACP27. This eBook explains how.
  • Creating and Improving Relationships: Describes unique techniques of building, strengthening and revitalizing personal relationships that create strong and enduring bonds between the partners.
  • The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process: Many people, especially in times of high unemployment, have great difficulty getting any job, much less the job they really want. This Process empowers you to do so by implementing a series of very powerful SACP Processes.

IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE DREAM ACHIEVER PROGRAM (Which Includes The Cybernetic Transposition Multimedia Learning Program)

CYBERNETIC TRANSPOSITION MULTIMEDIA LEARING PROGRAM Bonus E-Books: 5 new and unpublished special bonuses as well as printable copies of each of the sets of Slides used in the CT MLP:

  • The MLP Dialoguing Process: This Process teaches you to establish clear and understandable two-way communication with your Unconscious, the part of you that was previously not accessible by your conscious mind.

  • The MLP Debugging Process: Through this Process, you will not only gain mastery of the CT MLP Processes that empower you to consistently achieve your seemingly impossible objectives but you will learn to go beyond that to achieving your very, very, very big dreams.

  • The MLP CT Flow Charts: This is the first-ever depiction of the CT Process in visual format. It will give you great insight into the entire process.

  • The Dream Achiever Program Summary of Content: This lists the entire content of the Dream Achiever Program, by week of the Program.

  • The Summary of CT MLP Process Steps: Once you have initially learned the CT MLP Processes, the use of this Bonus will greatly accelerate your performance of these Processes.

Cybernetic Transposition Questions and Answers: A comprehensive on-line database of over 1350 Frequently Asked Questions and In-Depth Answers about the Cybernetic Transposition and Super Achiever technologies prepared by Stuart.

Cybernetic Transposition Audio Questions and Answers: A series of about 425 recorded excerpts from the SACP TeleCoaching sessions in which SACP participants ask questions and Stuart answers them in ways that easily guide them and you to new understanding.

Personal Coaching from Stuart Lichtman: In the SA Forums and on the TeleCoaching Seminars and in the Coaching-Only Sessions: Easily creating effective Imaginary Experiences, Locating Your Inner Anchor Point, Building your Success Team, the Optimum Learning Process, Formatting your Objective, Debugging of Target Elements, Coaching with Blockers, Base-Reframing, Building Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams, Time-Tripping, Clearing Implants and Healing Cell-Level Memories, the HouseCleaning Process and Positive Temporal Recycling PLUS a confidential review and optimization of your SUPER ACHIEVEMENT Objective, and more.

SUPER ACHIEVER TeleSeminar Topics:

Prior to every TeleSeminar, each participant will have available a set of weekly presentation documents in both on-line and Adobe Acrobat (printable) format that they'll be using to follow along with Stuart's presentation.

Prior to each TeleCoaching session, the participants will receive a suggested program of Practices and Activities for the up-coming week.

  • Prior to the Start of the SACP27 The Dream Achiever Program.

  • Week 1 Effectively creating imaginary experiences. Creating a Wish List of your overall life and your associated Key Blockers. MLP Dialoguing Segment.

  • Week 2 Creating a Wish List of the Area of Your Life That Is Pivotal and Identifying Your Associated Key Blockers. Preliminarily Identifying your SA Objective. MLP Locating Your Inner Anchor Point Segment. Also Coaching-Only Session.

  • Week 3 Creating and Most Effectively Using Your Inner Anchor Point. Refinement of Your Preliminary Objective into a Final One. The Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit Process and Identifying Your Financial Unconscious Performance Limit. The First Steps in Building Your Success Team. Team. MLP Base Reframing Segment and MLP Objectives Process Segment.

  • Week 4 What Are Subpersonalities? Identifying Relevant Subpersonalities. The Building Your Success Team Process. How to more efficiently and effectively do the Base Reframing process. MLP Locating Your True Self Segment. Also Coaching-Only Session.

  • Week 5 Building Your Success Team. The Sub-Personality Negotiation Process. Effectively Using Your Success Team. Finalizing Your Objective. MLP Target Process Segment.

  • Week 6 The Rapidly Finding and Becoming Employed in Your Perfect Job Process. MLP Practice Process Segment. Also Coaching-Only Session.

  • Week 7 Using the Target Process to transform your CT Super Achievement Objective into an effective Super Achievement Target. Using the Time-Tripping Process to Straighten the Path. MLP Subpersonality Negotiation Segment.

  • Week 8 Practicing Effectively. Introduction to Psychic Attacks. Introduction to Implants. Introduction to Cell-Level Memories. MLP SA Clearing Process Segment.

  • Week 9 Building Skill Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams and Merged Reframe Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams. Effectively Using All Types of Special Purpose Subpersonality Teams. The Clearing Implants Process.

  • Week 10 Ensuring that You Avoid Any of the Four Mistakes that Would Cause You to Fail to Achieve Your Objective. Review of Clearing Implants. The Healing Cell-Level Memories Process.

  • Week 11 Review of the Healing Cell-Level Memories Process. Introduction to the Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. The Super Achievement Clearing Process. Effectively Using Unconscious Feedback to Refine Your Target and Your Practice. MLP Debugging Process Segment Part 1.

  • Week 12 The Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. Ensuring that You Get the Benefits of the Cell-Level Memory Healing Process. Ensuring that You Avoid the Four Mistakes that Could Cause Your to Fail to Achieve Your Objective. MLP Debugging Process Segment Part 2, Step 1 and Step 2.

  • Week 13 Review of the Raising Your Unconscious Performance Floor Process. The Multiple Objectives Process. The Rolling Objectives Process. MLP Debugging Process Segment Part 2 Step 3.

  • Week 14 Coaching-Only Session to assist in achieving Objective.

  • Week 15 Coaching-Only Session to assist in achieving Objective.

  • Week 16 Coaching-Only Session to assist in achieving Objective.

  • Week 17 Debugging Your SACP Objective Process. Effectively Addressing Lagging Key Elements. MLP . Debugging Process Segment Part 3.

  • Week 18 The Positive Temporal Recycling Process.The HouseCleaning Process. The Healing Root Cell-Level Memories Process. Accelerating the MLP Debugging Process.


  • Segment 1: MLP Dialoguing Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration.

  • Segment 2: MLP Locating Your Inner Anchor Point Process. Part 1 – Demonstration. Part 2 – Discussion. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 3: MLP Base Reframing Process. Part 1 – Demonstration. Part 2 – Discussion. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 4: MLP Objectives Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 5: MLP Locating Your True–Self Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 6: MLP Target Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 7: MLP Practice Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 8: MLP Subpersonality Negotiation Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 9: MLP SA Clearing Process. Part 1 – Discussion. Part 2 – Demonstration. Part 3 – Guided Process.

  • Segment 10: MLP Debugging Process. Part 1 – Description. Part 2 – Demonstration, Step 1. Part 2 – Demonstration, Step 2. Part 2 Demonstration, Step 3.

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SPECIAL - SPECIAL - SPECIAL All participants in the SACP27 are eligible to participate in the SACP28 at no additional charge, assuming they provide specified minimal feedback at the end of the SACP27.

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The first payment is due at the time of registration: The second payment, on or before ; The third and final payment on or before . Participants registering under the time-payment program must sign a legally binding payment agreement in order to complete their registration and receive the full benefits of the SACP27 program. It is highly recommended participants looking for time-payments seek their own alternative financing.

Payments may be made on-line with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards and with PayPal. Payments may be made off-line by Certified Bank Check, Money Order or Bank Wire Transfer.

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive an email with all pre-course instructions (to get you up to speed), your Password and link to the SACP27 participants-only web site.

You may transfer your registration to another Participant who was not previously enrolled without penalty prior to the start of the SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program.

Other than in the event of an adequately documented medical emergency (according to our consulting doctor) that prevents a Participant from completing the SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program, there will be NO REFUND in part or in full of the tuition. If Time-Payment participants are in default on their agreed payments, their access to the SACP27 site will be blocked. Your enrollment in the SACP27 conclusively signifies your unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of the conditions stated in this paragraph.

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